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Welcome to the Baked Collective! We're a group of three women from Canada dedicated to all things baking. The three of us are professional food writers, photographers, stylists, and cookbook authors – and, of course, bakers!

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Kelly Neil

Kelly Neil is a food photographer and recipe blogger from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. She writes many of the classic, old-school recipes for BC and has a strong background in simple comfort food and approachable baking recipes.

Kelly has created food photography, written recipes, and appeared on live television for national brands such as President’s Choice, Cavendish Farms, Dairy Farmers of Canada, Lee Valley, and Penguin Random House. Kelly has worked with East Coast organizations such as Nova Scotia Tourism, Taste of Nova Scotia, and the NSLC. She wrote four separate bi-weekly food columns for The Chronicle Herald for more than three years.

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Sophie MacKenzie

Sophie MacKenzie is a recipe developer, food photographer and stylist, and baker from Vancouver, British Columbia. She develops many of the sourdough breads, cakes, cookies, and pies on BC and has extensive training in the baking industry.

Sophie’s work has appeared on Country Living, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Brit and Co., The Kitchn, Design Love Fest, and Food 52. She has also contributed recipes to the magazines Alive, Eat, and Taproot.

She does food styling for several major brands, including West Elm, Kin Euphorics, Boy Smells, and many more.

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Alexandra Daum

Alexandra Daum is a food photographer and recipe developer currently travelling full-time in Northwestern Europe. Alexandra grew up mostly in rural Manitoba and has since lived in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and France since leaving Canada in 2016. She develops many of the sourdough recipes for BC, especially for enriched dough recipes, and loves baking bread.

Alex released her first book in 2021, Occasionally Eggsand been featured in the Toronto Star, CTV Your Morning, The Kit, Chatelaine, Winnipeg Free Press, Buzzfeed, Best Health, and countless other sites and publications.

While the Baked Collective started in 2023, we've all been sharing recipes online for over a decade, and baking all our lives! We are all home bakers and learned from our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and other family members as children.

Our work has been featured in countless magazines, publications, and online sources. We've appeared on national television and worked with many international brands and companies over the years, and we are all full-time food writers, photographers, and/or food stylists.

You may recognize some of these recipes from Baked - the Blog, and you'd be spot on. We are former contributors and decided to start the Baked Collective as a group, using our recipes, so that we could continue to add to them and grow.

You'll find everything from ice cream and easy no-bake treats to more complicated sourdough, pastry, and occasion cakes here. All the recipes are tested several times and every post includes step by step pictures, recipe tips and notes, and all the information you'll need to make it perfectly the first time.

If you have any questions for us, reach out via email at hello(at) If your question is regarding a specific recipe, read through the post carefully first and if your question still isn't answered, leave a comment on that post.

We reserve the right to remove any comments that contain personal attacks, false information, profanity, and promotional links.

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